When you complete an order placement with us i.e. you make the payment, then you are considered as you have read, understood and agreed to terms and conditions listed on this page. These terms are a legal contract between the client and NYT Ghost Writing. By agreeing to order and use the services from NYT Ghost Writing you are deemed to be bound by the terms which as stated as follows.

We deliver original content only

We guarantee you plagiarism free content. To ensure that content is original we provide you with a Copyscape report. (Note: Any text contained in images, videos or other media, which search engines can't read will not be scanned by Copyscape.) You may go for more comprehensive and deeper plagiarism checks than Copyscape by yourself because we do not cover such services in our standard prices. You can be sure of the work you get from NYT Ghost Writing in terms of its originality.

We deliver content with complete ownership

Every single order you place and pay for becomes your property when submitted to you. We do not ask you for acknowledgements or require you by any means to mention us or our services for the work. With every complete order, you'll get the complete ownership of the content. You will have the authority to publish the content under your name and/or will be able to utilize the content the way you desire.

Our policy for using images

We believe in abiding by the rules and maintaining our credibility for the long term both with the clients and in the market. We do not own the copyright of images, hence we do not use copyright images by ourselves. We will simply provide you a link of recommended images so you can copy and paste them by yourself. Besides, these links can help you have an idea of the images that may suit the content. Otherwise, you may use royalty free images without any worry. However, for copyright images, you may be required to pay the owner.

Limitation of liability

The users are advised to take into consideration this clause carefully. We, NYT Ghost Writing, with this declare that under any circumstances we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss claimed by our customer to have resulted from the use of our website or services/products sold through our website. This disclaimer also applies to any viruses that may allegedly be obtained by using our website/products and may have caused any type of material or reputational loss. We shall, in no event, be liable for any liability or loss that may result from the inability or ability of the user of our website/products.

We update our policies

This privacy policy is subject to change; hence, you are required to visit our policy page from time to time to see if there is an update. The policy changes are not subject to any prior notice and time frame.

Refund policy

Please read and understand the following terms carefully to avoid any misunderstanding of the terms regarding the NYT Ghost Writing’s refund policy. If you still have any confusion regarding the refund policy you can contact our customer services representative and discuss the policy. We advise you to be sure about the refund terms and conditions if you have any confusion in this regard.

Full refund

With NYT Ghost Writing you may avail the option of full refund. We value our clients and try all possible ways to assist them.
If the work on your project has started and you somehow need to stop or claim refund you can discuss the status of your work with our support team member to assist you further. The support and assistance will help you provide current work status and the option you may have in the given situation.

Free Revisions

Once an order is delivered, you are no longer eligible to ask for 100% refund. However, you may ask for up to three revisions free of charge.
Since you are provided with the completed project against your money you will no longer be eligible to a 100% refund claim. For your assistance, we can help you with the revisions. You may have personalized revisions. Once you go through the content and you feel the need for any changes you can discuss those needs for revisions. NYT Ghost Writing ensures your satisfaction and offer you up to three revisions that too free of charge.

Still not satisfied? You can still claim your money back!

In case you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of product/ services, you may ask for 50% refund against the paid fee amount. We will process the refund of 50% fee amount upon verification of the claimed quality concerns. If your claim regarding quality of the content proves to be right you can get 50% of your money back even after the completion of project and all three revisions.
You will not have to deal with any unfair business practices with NYT Ghost Writing. Our qualified team of writers bring to your table the best content to suit your demands. Any of your quality concern will not go wasted.

Still not happy with the content? You still have the option of full refund

In case you have a special complaint scenario and demand full fee amount refund, then your case shall be forwarded to evaluation-committee. If after all the revisions you still do not feel satisfied with the work and demand full refund, do not worry we will not disappoint you.
The evaluation committee would evaluate the content against your order specifications. They will take an impartial decision based upon facts and evidences. In case there is any lacking or shortcoming in the content you will get all your money back.

NYT Ghost Writing will not refund any amount on change of mind before or after the project has started.