What’s Included in Our Book Proofreading Services?

Editing and proofreading are integral to a professional NYT Ghostwriting and publishing service. With our experienced team of editors and proofreaders, we ensure that your manuscript is error-free before submitting it to the publisher. If your work is not properly edited and reviewed by specialists, the message you attempt to convey to the masses may be missed or diluted, regardless of how effectively you have authored the content. To ensure a flawless and error-free manuscript, have it read by experienced editors and proofreaders who are native English speakers with excellent knowledge of the subject matter of your book.

Turning in a manuscript with errors is humiliating since it creates a negative impression in the reader's mind. Hire NYT Ghostwriting's editing and proofreading services to allow us to present you with professionally edited work. Our services cover all aspects of grammar and readability. We deliver your manuscript with a professional touch, whether it’s a one-page article, a hundred-page website, or an entire eBook.


Our expert proofreaders identify and rectify any flaws that you, as the author, may overlook. We'll edit your book till it's completely free of errors. Our proofreaders will avoid stylistic modifications; thereby, the edits will focus on discrepancies in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Basic Proofreading

We offer a basic proofreading service to individuals who just require a second pair of eyes to review their text to confirm that there are no spelling, grammar, or typographical errors.

Comprehensive Proofreading

We offer comprehensive proofreading & editing service to ensure consistency of tone, sentence structure, the flow of content, and layout. We also ensure that the manuscript is error-free and publish-ready

Heavy Editing

Our heavy editing service covers every single aspect of your work. It addresses all the manuscript's grammatical, contextual, and structural issues. This service is for those who require comprehensive editing.

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Polish Your Manuscript with Affordable, Fast & Professional Book Proofreading Services

You've written a short story, novel, or nonfiction book and sent it for a book evaluation. But you’re not done yet. Don’t skip the next step. If you want your book to become a best-seller, you need to get the proofreading of your manuscript done by professionals. Whether you're looking for acceptance from an established publishing house or want to self-publish your book on an online platform, our professional team is ready to offer you exceptional proofreading services and transform your manuscript into an error-free, publish-ready book.

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Why Choose Us?

Exceptional Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing solutions are designed to bring more traffic, leads, and customers, unleashing more opportunities for you to reach out to the masses.

Compelling Book Advertisement

We discover the target audience, conduct a market survey, and execute campaigns that bring remarkable outcomes in a quick time.

Reach a Wider Audience

We curate solid marketing plans assisted by a team of professionals to promote your book and expand your outreach to the masses.

A Proactive Approach

NYT Ghostwriting has a team of dedicated book marketers who comprehend the authors’ needs and follow a proactive approach to market your book effectively.

Over 250 Million Words Ghostwritten

Our industry-best writers are passionate about preserving stories and promoting thought leadership


Top-Tier, US-Based Content Writers

Our authors go through extensive and rigorous testing and training procedures before being hired by our professional NYT Ghostwriting agency. We have got some of the most celebrated writers onboard from across the United States.

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Our Customers
Love Us

Having served more than 10,000 satisfied clients, we take pride in our professional NYT Ghostwriting services that have helped us stand out from our competitors.

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Highly experienced team of writers.

"We hired them for three short fashion-related pieces to test the quality and standard of writing, and we've never been disappointed working with them since. We've never had to request modifications because their work is genuine, thoroughly researched, and free of grammatical errors."

Victor Vardrup

Completely satisfied with their services.

“The writers at NYT Ghostwriting were incredibly attentive to my requirements and provided exactly what I needed. Initially, I was hesitant to entrust them with writing content for my website. But their final output entirely alleviated my concerns, and the results were more than satisfactory.”

Shayne Doe

Excellent understanding of what works for SEO.

"These people know exactly what they're doing. The content we received is optimized for search engine, but it is also written so eloquently and rationally that it appeals to our target audience. Our analytics show favorable results. Bounce rates have decreased while CTRs have gone up. Kudos to the whole team.!"

Laura Hetcher

I love the book they wrote for me

"I owe these people a huge debt of gratitude for their copywriting services. Sara from NYT Ghostwriting helped me write a book about my experiences as a mother of an autistic child, and she did an excellent job."

Jane Cerney
100% Original, Authentic, & Genuine

Become a celebrated author of best-seller
books with NYT Ghostwriting Services.

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