What do we cover in Book Editing?

Professional editing is required to transform a good book into a great one. We offer comprehensive editing services focusing on every minute detail while keeping an eye on the tone, flow, structure, and attention to detail.

With years of experience, NYT Ghostwriting's team of professional book editors makes editing a breeze. They'll walk you through the revision process, make suggestions, and provide feedback.

Developmental Editing

An editor provides thorough input on the big-picture concerns in developmental editing, also known as content or substantive editing. We'll help you polish your ideas, structure your narrative, and smoothen any significant plot or character flaws. Our editors will examine every aspect of your work and advise you on what works and doesn't.

Line Editing

People often get buried in their thoughts while writing, which leads to structural and grammatical errors. NYT Ghostwriting's editing team has extensive experience evaluating every piece of work, considering tone, precision, clarity, reliability, and overall effectiveness.


To publish the EBook, you have to tell us where you want to get it published, and we'll take care of the rest. Utilizing a strategic approach, our eBook publishing team assures that your book is available for purchase on all retail eBook platforms, such as Amazon, ClickBank, Apple iBookStore, etc.

Copy Editing

A copy editor's task is to polish the author's finished manuscript to ensure that the narrative's tone, flow, and structure remain intact. Copy editing improves your book’s clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. NYT Ghostwriting's copy editors have the necessary skills to complete the editing work flawlessly.

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Exceptional Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing solutions are designed to bring more traffic, leads, and customers, unleashing more opportunities for you to reach out to the masses.

Compelling Book Advertisement

We discover the target audience, conduct a market survey, and execute campaigns that bring remarkable outcomes in a quick time.

Reach a Wider Audience

We curate solid marketing plans assisted by a team of professionals to promote your book and expand your outreach to the masses.

A Proactive Approach

NYT Ghostwriting has a team of dedicated book marketers who comprehend the authors’ needs and follow a proactive approach to market your book effectively.

Over 250 Million Words Ghostwritten

Our industry-best writers are passionate about preserving stories and promoting thought leadership


Top-Tier, US-Based Content Writers

Our authors go through extensive and rigorous testing and training procedures before being hired by our professional NYT Ghostwriting agency. We have got some of the most celebrated writers onboard from across the United States.

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Our Customers
Love Us

Having served more than 10,000 satisfied clients, we take pride in our professional NYT Ghostwriting services that have helped us stand out from our competitors.

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Highly experienced team of writers.

"We hired them for three short fashion-related pieces to test the quality and standard of writing, and we've never been disappointed working with them since. We've never had to request modifications because their work is genuine, thoroughly researched, and free of grammatical errors."

Victor Vardrup

Completely satisfied with their services.

“The writers at NYT Ghostwriting were incredibly attentive to my requirements and provided exactly what I needed. Initially, I was hesitant to entrust them with writing content for my website. But their final output entirely alleviated my concerns, and the results were more than satisfactory.”

Shayne Doe

Excellent understanding of what works for SEO.

"These people know exactly what they're doing. The content we received is optimized for search engine, but it is also written so eloquently and rationally that it appeals to our target audience. Our analytics show favorable results. Bounce rates have decreased while CTRs have gone up. Kudos to the whole team.!"

Laura Hetcher

I love the book they wrote for me

"I owe these people a huge debt of gratitude for their copywriting services. Sara from NYT Ghostwriting helped me write a book about my experiences as a mother of an autistic child, and she did an excellent job."

Jane Cerney
100% Original, Authentic, & Genuine

Become a celebrated author of best-seller
books with NYT Ghostwriting Services.

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